The Laurel Run Series
Best fit for small streams and for fishing in tight spaces.
The Laurel Run Series includes:  6’ 6” 2pc. for IV;  6’ 8” 2pc. for IV;  6’ 6” 3pc. for V


The Hidden Valley Series
The perfect choice for compact fishing and hike-in waters
The Hidden Valley Series includes:  7’ 3pc. for IV;  7’ 6” 3pc. for V


The Jackson Series
At home on small to medium tail water fisheries
The Jackson Series includes:  7’ 2pc. for IV;  7’ 6” 2pc. for V


The Holston Series
Well-suited for larger rivers
The Holston Series includes:  8’ 3pc. for V;  8’ 3pc. for VI;  8’ 6” 3pc. for V


The Maury Series
The one to go to for the fisherman who likes hoppers and poppers
The Maury Series includes:  7’ 3” 3pc. for VI;  7’ 6” 3pc. for VII

     Bamboo Fly Rods